Fence Basics


Fences for Security & Safety

Our homes are our castles, where we want to feel safe and secure. Although there are very few moats surrounding homes, fences are the next best thing. One of the main reasons people take the time and money to build a fence on their property is for security. They can deter other people and animals from entering your property without invitation, plus keep those you love safely inside.

Children. Anyone who has small children knows that it only takes a moment for them to get into mischief. A fence is a great way to ensure that kids can still go outside and play, without running out into the street or the danger of a pool. On the flip side, fences can keep kids safe from others, such as a dangerous animal or stranger entering your yard to harm them.

Pets. Pets are another great reason to have a fence for security, both to keep them in and to keep other animals out. Many cities have strict codes requiring owners to restrain their dogs. Dogs are naturally protective of their territory, so having a fence can allow them the freedom to play and run outside without the risk of them harming anyone. It also can protect them from intrusive animals or getting hurt by leaving the safety of the yard.

Theft. Although a fence will not keep a burglar out of your home, it can make it more difficult from them to access your property. In addition, a high, privacy fence can keep potential thieves from learning more about your home, making it less tempting for them to attempt to break into your house or take items that are left outdoors.

Those who want to add a fence for security reasons should consider a fence that is high enough to restrict people or animals from going over the top. Some municipalities and home associations may have code restrictions on fence height, so always check on these codes before planning your new fence.

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