Fence Basics


Beautiful Fences

Adding a new fence to your home can be a beautiful way to accent your home. Many fences are built purely for aesthetic value, with limited function beyond their beauty. However, there are also many fences that are both beautiful and functional, making them perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. If aesthetics is important to you, consider these fences that can add beauty to your home, increasing the curb appeal of your property.

Picket fence. The white picket fence has become a euphemism for the ideal American home. Whether it is white or hot pink, a picket fence can be a beautiful border to your yard and property.  These classic fences are available in traditional wood or even vinyl posts, usually ranging from three to four feet in height. Although they can add some protection for your yard, they are generally built more for aesthetic value than privacy or security. You often see these fences only across the front of the yard, without enclosing the area for security at all.

Ornamental iron fencing. Wrought or ornamental iron fences can add a touch of class to a home, coming in a wide variety of styles. Once again, these fences do add some security, especially those that are taller and have pointed stakes at their tops. However, they are definitely used for beauty, with a high price tag attached.

Decorative privacy. There are several designs of weaved fences that are beautiful, creating intricate patterns that also offer privacy. Horizontal basket weaved wood or vinyl are very popular, giving a different look than the typical vertical boards used in stockade fencing. Also, batten fences topped with lattice can offer another optin for beauty and privacy.

With the exception of industrial type fencing such as chain link, there are beautiful options in most types of fencing. There are many different designs and accessories that can enhance even a plain wood fence, making it more than just a wood enclosure. If beauty is important to you, take the time to consider what options are available to make your fence the crowning jewel to your home.

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