Vinyl Fencing Pros and Cons

"Life in plastic. It's fantastic." — Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group Aqua

With vinyl fencing, life in plastic IS fantastic! PVC vinyl fencing is made of (often recycled) composite plastic with a vinyl laminate coating, resulting in a product that resembles a white painted wood fence. Vinyl fencing is usually installed in panels, either residential or commercial grade. A vinyl fence costs more upfront than wood, but maintenance costs are low and such a fence can last 20 - 30 years.

Vinyl fencing pros:

  • Almost maintenance free. No painting or staining. Just clean it with soap and water. 
  • Made from recycled plastic. And it's recycable.


  • Smooth finish looks like plastic up close, not wood. Maybe it bothers you. Maybe it doesn't
  • Occasional deep cleaning is required to avoid build-up of dirt and algae (in some areas)
  • Not as strong as wood fences
  • Repair is more difficult. Expect to replace an entire panel, if damaged
  • Doesn't fare well in extreme temperature shifts
  • More difficult to customize the style of your vinyl fence vs. wood, and you will have fewer style choices
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