Ornamental Iron and Aluminum Fencing Pros and Cons

Aluminum or Steel (a.k.a. Ornamental Iron) fences are styled to look like classic old wrought iron fences. Hence the odd name.

Use aluminum fencing in a place where you want security but don't want to lose the view, like in your front yard or around your pool. The style and look of this fence is unique. Expect to pay more than for wood and vinyl. Aluminum fencing is usually professionally installed.

Aluminum fencing pros:

  • Long lasting
  • Super-low maintenance. except for the occasional cleaning
  • Rust free


  • If you are expecting aluminum to look like wrought iron, aluminum just doesn't look as substantial and expensive the real McCoy
  • Aluminum fences are not as strong as wood fences. They can bend or dent. If this happens, the whole fence panel needs to be replaced
  • Pro install recommended
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