Masonry Fencing Pros and Cons

A masonry fence, made of brick, cement or stone is elegant and solid as a rock. You will have total privacy and everyone wondering what fabulousness is on the other side of that big honking fence. Or use a low masonry fence to add some serious curb appeal to your yard.

Masonry fences are expensive, and they look it. Most people will have to call in the pros. Material costs vary, but expect high labor costs. A masonry fence will last for decades with a few cracks to repair here and there.

A comon cost-saving style is masonry columns or posts with wood or metal fencing panels between them.

Pros: great style, very durable and strong

Cons: high labor cost, can be thicker and bulkier than standard fencing options

Hit a brick wall (definition): "to encounter an insurmountable obstacle." 

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