Composite Wood Fencing Pros and Cons

Composite wood fencing is made of molded plastic and wood fibers, finished to look like real wood. TREX (as in decking) is a widely known composite wood manufacturer

Pick a manufacturer that offers a 25 year warranty, and expect to pay more for your composite wood fence vs. real wood. Because the boards are heavy, ask at your lumber yard about which fasteners are right for the job.

Composite wood pros:

  • Looks the most like real wood vs. vinyl fencing
  • No staining or painting, just cleaning
  • Does well in weather. Less warping and splintering than real wood


  • Composite wood fencing is not as strong as real wood
  • More expensive than real wood, plus installation materials are more expensive.
  • You will need to wash and scrub your fence boards to clean them. Elbow grease required
  • Boards can fade in color over time so you may have to paint or stain your fence anyway
  • Warping due to lack of sealing, particularly on older manufactured boards
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