Chain Link Fence Pros and Cons

Chain link fencing gets the job done.

It might not be the prettiest but it's cheap, functional and low maintenance.

Chain link fences pros:

  • Very inexpensive, probably your cheapest fencing option
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Maintenance-free

The only real drawback to chain link is aesthetics. You won't see much chainlink on HGTV.

With chain link, you have to choose the wire gauge or thickness and the coating of the fence fabric. Wire gauge measures run backwards so the lowest number is the thickest wire. A common gauge range is 9 (thicker) through 11 (thinner). The fabric should be plastic-coated or galvanized to prevent rust. You can pick color coatings and add privacy slats, for better screening.

Chain link fences are quick to install because you simply hang mesh fabric across the framework (steel pipe fence posts, usually set in concrete) and then secure them into place with fittings. Pick a framework strong enough to hold up to weather, and children or pets pulling on your fence.

A chain link fence should last you 15-25 years.

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