Wood Fence Building Materials List

What’s in a Wood Fence?

Regardless of the type of fence you’re building, most of your fence will consist of three elements: the footing, the framework and the infill. Add the hardware of choice for your gates, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a fence.

As with any home improvement project, you’re going to have a supply list. If your favorite home improvement store carries wood, you can bet that it will have the hardware you need, not to mention more than a few guys in aprons willing to show you just where to find your materials, parts and equipment.

These basic materials will get you well on your way to a finished fence:

  1. Concrete gravel mix to set posts
  2. Pressure treated posts (add concrete and you’ve got your footing)
  3. Fence rails (the horizontal crosspieces, also called “stringers” – the framework)
  4. Fence rail hangers (the pieces that mount, support and attach fence rails to the posts – the other part of the framework)
  5. Pickets (the infill)
  6. Gate closure hardware including hinges, gate locks and screws
  7. Decorative finishes like end caps, arbors and lattice
  8. Galvanized nails or screws (make sure they’re galvanized, unless you like rusty-looking or stained wood)
  9. Wood preservative, stain or paint

Add some dirt to enclose, and you’ll have yourself a fenced-in yard!

Particularly for you novice fence builders out there, you’d be wise to do some fence exploration before you get started on your own. Take a look around your neighborhood. Ask yourself some questions:

  1. Does the style of the fence look good with the house?
  2. How are those older fences holding up?
  3. Do you like how the materials look together?
  4. How will your neighbors' fences look alongside yours?
  5. Will your fence block your neighbors’ view of anything important (the street from their driveway or beautiful sunsets)?
  6. Do you like the look of unpainted fences once they’ve weathered?
  7. Do you have a homeowners association with a say in your fence project?

You get the idea...

Before you dig your first post hole, think about the commitment you are making. Fences require maintenance. Unless, fence repair is a favorite pastime, build yours with the highest quality materials you can afford.

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