Choosing the Right Contractor

Contractor  Hiring a fence contractor?

OUTSOURCE!! We like your thinking. Why not hire a personal chef while you're at it?

Make sure you provide your exact wants and needs of your fence, so estimates are consistent, and don't forget to ask about the project timeline.  Whether you are building it yourself, or you plan on hiring a contractor, it's important to know and explain exactly what you want prior to requesting bids. 

How high is your fence going to be?  What is the grain of wood, vinyl, iron, etc... If you don't understand exactly what you want, it could lead to a number of frustrating events, such as the project costing more than you expect, or worse, you not liking your new fence after it's finished.

A few things to consider when selecting your installer:

  • Other fences in your area built by them
  • Examples of past work
  • Reference checks, customer reviews or do you have a personal referral
  • Licensed bonded and insured
  • How long have they been in business

Fence Hub is here to help you with all this!  Contact us to be put in touch with Fence Hub preferred installers in your area.  

Once you have narrowed down a list of contractors that meet your criteria, you need to make a list of what you want in your fence, and any special requests or suggestions you want to be included in your estimates.  

Fence Installer Estimates are based on the following data:

  • Your materials selected (type and grade of wood, chain metal gauge, etc)
  • Perimeter of your fence (cost per linear foot)
  • Number of gates and any decorative finishes (arbors, trellis tops, post endcaps, etc.)
  • Any special constraints on your property (slopes, trees, etc.)

Schedule a site visit with your fence installer before you make a final selection. Your fence installer may offer design ideas and anticipate unforseen issues.

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