Invisible Pet Fences

An invisible pet fence is an electric "fence" for your dog or pet. An underground perimeter wire sends the dog a warning signal via a transmitter on the dog collar when the dog approaches the boundary line. When the dog crosses the line, it receives a small electric shock.

If you need a fenced area only to keep your pet safe and for no other reason, an invisible fence is an excellent choice. They are inexpensive relative to physical fences and, in the ideal situation, your dog will no longer need to wear its collar after being properly trained.

Invisible Pet Fencing Pros

  • Invisible because the wires are buried
  • Usually cheaper than building a physical boundary fence
  • Your dog may no longer need its shock collar after it has learned the boundary area

Invisible Pet Fencing Cons

  • Your dog needs training to properly learn the electric fence. Without training, the electric fence is cruel to the dog and the fence won't work as intended
  • Electric fences don't keep other animals out of your yard
  • Not all property areas are well-suited to electric fences. If your lot is particularly hilly, tree covered, or snowy, the transmitter won't work properly

"I wish my kid would act like my dog sometimes. My dog listens to me and does what I tell him to do." -Cesar Millan

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